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Dear Parishioners,

Reaching up, Reaching out, Reaching in!

New Year means new ideas and new

resolutions. Consider this an invitation to attend

our Parish Council Meeting on Monday,

January 11 at 7 pm. At our last meeting, our we

proposed Reaching up, Reaching out, Reaching

in! as a future parish mission and motto. At the center of these actions are the ideas of Community, Outreach and Hospitality. When the Good News of Jesus Christ is heard and shared, there is always and restoration of community – with God and with our neighbor. Community is much more than the beautiful offering of peace that warms our hearts in the midst of the Mass. It comes down to introducing ourselves, asking others what their names are even if we have known their faces for months or years. From the fellowship that we share with our Lord Reaching up in prayer and worship, the grace that is given to us beings Reaching out! There are many instances of communal outreach that we just fulfilled in our Thanksgiving and Christmas season. But there are actions here with our family members and friends through which we evangelize individually. Within our challenges and sufferings, does the joy of knowing we are loved put us past our own struggles so that in “Reaching out” our “Reaching in” will bring others to experience that love and mercy that we know we need in placing our trust in God.  With this as our foundation of our Parish for 2016, can we begin to discuss the following together at our meeting:

  • What are the gifts to be shared from our new parish manager?
  • What are the goals that we set for ourselves in this framework?
  • Who can we invite to assist with achieving these goals?
  • Are we ready as a parish to invite an order of Sister back to be in our community and convent?
  • What activities are we investing in for the Year of Mercy?
  • Who are reaching out to for assistance with the improvement plan of our school?

While the meeting will start at 7 pm in the Mother Lange Library (Rectory), there will be a 6:30 pm daily Mass that will be offered before our meeting together in the Chapel of Saint Joseph.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Pray for us!

Father Kevin