WORSHIP: The Intimate Encounter with Christ

From the Pastor’s Desk

Father Kevin Regan offers his reflections on the wonder of God’s life and love for us here at Holy Family.  Come back often and feel free to share with others!

A season of Hope

Posted: 2/23/16 | by | Category: Holy Family Parish Life, Uncategorized

Dear Parishioners, My favorite Advent Song is one that we sing at our School Masses on Thursday. Come-Lord, come Lord Jesus. Give your people hope Come-Lord, come Lord Jesus. Lead your people home   Hearing so many songs of Christmas, it is important to learn Advent songs of longing and yearning for the coming ofContinue Reading »

Support the Mission

Posted: 2/23/16 | by | Category: Holy Family Parish Life

Dear Parishioners, Last week, we read a portion of an Open Letter to our Parish Council and other parishioners. We are stepping back and asking foundational questions about what challenges we face as a family and what opportunities are afforded to us as we live out our Christian lives with one another and in ourContinue Reading »

Lots of Activity in November

Posted: 10/28/15 | by | Category: Uncategorized

Dear Parishioners, November is a beautiful month ahead of us. Another month for us to get the grace that we need to become the Saints that we are called to be! Happy All Saints Day! It is a month for us to remember loved ones who have died. As a family, we remember to prayContinue Reading »

Marriage and Annulment

Posted: 10/24/15 | by | Category: Marriage and the Family

Dear Parishioners, Annulments: Frustrating, but Healing The process of obtaining an annulment can be long and frustrating, as both parties must give an exhaustive account of what happened in the relationship. These documents are sealed and completely confidential, and the former spouses do not read each other’s accounts. This protects both parties from further injury.Continue Reading »

Synod of the Family in Rome

Posted: 10/15/15 | by | Category: Marriage and the Family

Dear Parishioners, During the Synod of the Family that is taking place in Rome, we continue our reflection on the failures of love that we see in Marriage and in Family life. Especially those who are asking for the grace to be able to live out their Christian life in the Church. Catholics who divorceContinue Reading »